Birthmother Articles shares pregnancy choices such as adoption with youMost women don’t plan on choosing adoption for their children. You aren’t on this website because you want to be a birth mother. You need help and want information. You need to learn more about the choices you have with adoption. We are here to help you get answers to your adoption questions.

Your family and friends may be sharing their opinion with you about what they think you should do. Parents tell you one thing. Friends tell you something else. It can be a stressful time! Once you have the facts about adoption, you’ll feel much more in control, and ready to make the right choices for the right reasons. There are many reasons women choose adoption, such as:

  • Not ready to be a mom
  • Situations that prevent parenting, such as mental illness or a jail sentence
  • No support from baby’s father
  • Desire for your baby to have a stable, two-parent family
  • College plans
  • Prior involvement with Child Protective Services
  • Cannot afford another child
  • Rape

Whatever your reason for considering adoption, there are many resources available to help you during this difficult time. Get help now by calling or texting us at 1-800-923-6784. This number is open 24/7!