Additional Resources

Learn about your pregnancy choices such as adoption with these pregnancy resourcesThese adoption websites and resources will help you further explore the option of adoption.

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Lifetime Christian Adoption

This is a nationwide adoption center that provides answers and help if you’re thinking of making an adoption plan for your baby. Lifetime Christian Adoption has a wide selection of Christian adoptive parents hoping to adopt a baby.

Open Adoption Information

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have many choices with open adoption. Creating an open adoption plan involves the choice of personally choosing your child’s adoptive parents, meeting the adoptive family in person if you wish, deciding on the type of openness and the level of future contact you as a birth mother or birth parent wants. Find out more at

African American pregnancy optionsAfrican American Adoptions Online

Providing adoption information and assistance for African American women seeking information about adoption. We have African American families waiting to adopt, as well as Caucasian families hoping to adopt an African American baby or child.

So, I Was Thinking About Adoption…

This short, easy-to-read book shares about the adoption process to parents considering making an adoption plan for their baby or child. The book is a handy guide to the ins and outs of the adoption process. Overflowing with information, it’s a perfect resource for families in crisis.

“I Could Never Give My Baby Away”

Exploring the myth that adoption means giving your baby away…the truth is, adoption means giving your baby a life, a stable family, and a future. No matter how far along you are, an unplanned pregnancy may make you feel like you are stuck. However, the truth is you always have options. Find out more about these options at

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? BirthMother Blessings

An organization that helps women facing an unplanned pregnancy who are considering adoption. They provide maternity clothes, household items, and other necessities at no cost to you.

College Pregnancy Help

If you’re in college and have just discovered that you’re pregnant, College Pregnancy Help is here to assist you in finding out about your choices. Today, women have many pregnancy choices, including parenting, abortion, and open adoption. Take a few minutes & explore our site, We have many useful pregnancy resources for you, as well as articles on your choices with an unplanned pregnancy. Get answers to your pregnancy questions today!