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A Letter from Chad & Julie

Hello from Missouri!

We are hoping to become first-time parents through adoption! Our faith is important to us, and after years of trying to add a child to our family, we believe we’ve been led to adoption. As parents, we will give a loving, supportive home life to your child. We look forward to family time, taking walks through local nature trails, collecting seashells on the beach, and rooting for Tigers football games.

If you’re open, we would love to get to know you, and would be honored in contact after the adoption. Thank you for considering us!

Our Story

We met just after high school, when we both worked at the same shoe store. We have now been married for almost 10 years! We love children and have always wanted to raise a family. Adoption was always on our hearts, and after going through infertility, God made it even clearer that adoption is the path for us.

We are a Christian family and look forward to raising our child to share our faith in God. Throughout the adoption process, we see our faith growing stronger than ever. We know we’re meant to be on this path, and we are so excited to become parents together!

Together we enjoy:
Playing all types of sports (especially volleyball & basketball)
Doing home projects and crafts
Playing board games with family and friends
Nightly walks with our dogs (and chats with our neighbors along the way)
Hosting family gatherings

About Julie

My favorite thing about Julie is that she is very easy to get along with. She is the sweetest person and loves to take care of those around her. She has a lot of love to give, and she shows it in everything she does. She draws people to her with her warm and caring personality.

Julie enjoys crafts and designing Cricut projects, walking our dogs, and outdoor activities. She loves her work as a first grade teacher, and looks forward to having holidays and summers off with our child. Julie is involved with many clubs at the school, and is very good with children. I know she will make a loving, fun, attentive mom.

About Chad

There are so many things that I admire about Chad. He has such a friendly, fun personality and lights up the room wherever we go. He is funny and caring, and truly my best friend.

Chad likes sports and fitness, and even plays basketball on a local league. He also enjoys home projects and doing just about anything outdoors. He’s great with children, and even studied early childhood education in college. I know Chad will be an involved father who takes interest in his child’s activities…I could even picture him coaching a little league team one day!

Our Home in Missouri

Our 4 bedroom home backs up to an acre of beautiful woods and a flowing creek. The nursery is all set up and ready to go for a boy or a girl! We also have a finished basement perfect for a toy room and lots of play time!

Our neighborhood is very family-friendly; there are always children playing outside, and our neighbors talk with and look out for each other. We picture spending many hours riding bikes in our cul-de-sac, playing basketball, and taking our friendly and outgoing dogs for walks!

Near our home are two nature parks with fishing ponds and a huge splash station to play in during summertime. We also live within walking distance of a brand new schools, in one of Missouri’s best school districts.

Our Families & Traditions

We are very close with our families. Chad comes from a large extended family and has cousins all over the U.S. He is very close with his sister, who is an RN in a local pediatric hospital. Chad’s grandparents own a huge farm in North Dakota where they host family reunions every summer! We always look forward to the time on the farm going four-wheeling, hiking and wall-eye fishing on a nearby lake. Each year, we also take a family beach vacation in Florida where we collect seashells, go boogie boarding, play in the ocean, and try the new beach-side restaurants.

Julie also has a large extended family, who mostly live in Missouri too. Julie is very close with her sister and her nephews, who live just a short drive away. The boys are so excited to welcome a new cousin into their lives! We enjoy going on vacations to Disney with Julie’s family, who are all so excited and supportive of us while on this adoption journey!

One other tradition that we cannot wait to share is our love for the Missouri Tigers!! We have season tickets to the home games and go to the stadium with tons of friends and family to tailgate, play yard games, and root for the Tigers.

We know our child will have the love and support of all the people around us.

Our Promise

We promise your child will be loved unconditionally in our family, and to show him or her everything life has to offer. We promise to be your child’s biggest cheerleaders and to pass on our value of faith and education. We will encourage your child’s strengths and interests, and to do everything we can to help grow his or her talents and dreams.

If you’d like, we will honor an open adoption with you and would gladly share updates through letters, photos, or occasional visits. We will always consider you a loving, special part of our family’s story. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chad & Julie

  Chad Julie
Our EducationStudied Business Management and Elementary EducationMaster's Degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education
Our ProfessionsEnvironmental Solutions ManagerFirst Grade Teacher
Stay-At-HomeNoNo, though I'll be home during summer breaks.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Chad & Julie 's Favorites
MovieHome AloneCaptain America
Song“Even Though I’m Leaving” by Luke Combs“I’ll Find You” by Lecrae with Tori Kelly
BookDivergent Book SeriesThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Childhood ToysLegosBarbies
HobbiesWoodworking and Collecting Sports CardsScrapbooking and Making Vinyl Products on Cricut Machine
SportBasketball, Volleyball, BaseballSoccer, Volleyball, Hiking
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Chad enjoys sports, games, outdoor activities, and fitness. Julie enjoys sports, games, outdoor activities, and crafts.

Our Faith


About Our Home

We live in a 4 bedroom home in a wooded, quiet, family friendly neighborhood.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 4 years old




Boy or Girl

Sibling Group

Yes! We would consider adopting siblings.

In Closing

Thank you learning more about us! We have a loving home ready for your child! It would be an honor to get to know you, and we promise we will encourage your child, every day, to grow in their strengths and remember how loved he or she is, by so many. We would be blessed to raise your child and hope to speak with you soon!

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