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A Letter from Daimian & Lovie

From Daimian and Lovie to You

Dear Birth Mother, we’re grateful for the opportunity to share a little about our family with you and look forward to learning about you too. We’re a loving, fun, and energetic family of four. Our home is filled with laughter, music, impromptu dance parties, sweet homemade treats, and huge group hugs. Our hearts are open to you, your hopes, and your dreams for your sweet baby girl.

About Us

Our smiles tell you who we are! We met 12 years ago on a sunny Sunday after church and were blessed to get married at the same church. We’ve been happily married for 8 years because we value kindness, communication, and compromise. We’re a stable family with twin 6-year-old boys, Magnus and Justus. Their smiles shine as big as ours!! Our priorities are God, family, education, and enjoying every day–whether swinging on our swing set, working out together, shooting hoops, riding bikes, or taking walks. Fridays are family fun day! We turn up the magic with a special outing, game, or movie, and top off dinner with a homemade dessert.

About Daimian by Lovie

Daimian is my best friend and he’s a great dad! He enjoys his career selling insurance, and loves reading business, professional development, and motivational books, and is a great storyteller. His smile and sense of humor shine from his heart and he keeps us laughing!!! Daimian’s an all-around athlete and loves playing basketball, football, and golfing with our boys. He leads our family in nightly prayers and is the best example of how to live in the moment! Daimian will be a great girl-dad because he is caring, affectionate, and patient. He can’t wait to buy our baby girl her first basketball and Jordan’s.

About Lovie by Daimian

Lovie is literally the nicest person I know. She is her name! Her desire to help children inspired her to get her Masters and PhD in social work. She’s been a professor and currently manages staff wellness and trauma care and works to get children mental healthcare without the stigma of labels. Lovie also teaches yoga and writes poetry. She’s a major D-I-Yer—painting, decorating, quilting, baking, and more. On any given day, you’ll find her, Magnus, and Justus making something creative or delicious. Lovie is excited to be a girl-mom and teach our future daughter about Girl Power, self-love and share girl-time, her love for baking, yoga, the arts, and education.

Our Sons and Family

Our 6-year-old twin boys are Magnus and Justus. They’re top-notch kindergarteners with tons of smarts, huge hearts, and major skills in sports and the arts. They’re super excited about adopting a baby sister! They’ve already decided on big brother roles: Magnus will feed her and teach her math and basketball. Justus will rock her, read to her, and teach her to build with Legos. Both will teach her to dance, piano, and keep her laughing. They happily helped Dad and Mommy decorate her nursery.

Like us, our extended family is excited to welcome our baby girl! We both have cousins who were adopted as babies. Our family is supportive, loving, super fun, and nurturing. Many of them are educators. We get together often for birthdays, holidays, and just-for-fun cookouts. Friday mornings are Grandma’s Day with Magz and J where Daimian’s mom, a retired middle school teacher, comes and plays educational games with them. Once a year or so we travel to the West Coast to visit Lovie’s family.

Our Home in Pennsylvania...

…is special to us because it’s filled with the love of family (and many Made-By-Lovie-&-Sons things)! Our 2-story, 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home has lots of play space and a beautiful princess room filled with tender love and care for your baby girl. We play on our swing set, play corn hole, walk, ride bikes, and our church and community have lots for kids to do. One of our favorite holiday traditions is baking homemade cookies and sharing them with neighbors.

Our Promise

We promise to embrace your baby girl unconditionally,

Laugh out loud with her just to be silly,

Raise her strong spiritually,

Teach her she can do ANYTHING!

We promise to love, inspire, and empower your baby girl endlessly,

Share our hearts, our home, and the air we breathe!

We’ll treasure her always so she’s happy to be…

Forever loved and forever family!

Birth Mom, you’re always in our hearts and prayers. We’re open to sharing pictures, communication, and visits. If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Daimian & Lovie

  Daimian Lovie
Our EducationBachelor of Science in Business ManagementPhD and Masters in Social Work, Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Our ProfessionsInsurance agent for a large national agencySocial worker for child welfare staff wellness
Stay-At-HomePartial work from homeWork from home
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican AmericanAfrican American
Some of Daimian & Lovie's Favorites
ColorBlueGreen; Purple
FoodSteakItalian; Caribbean; Dessert
SongToo many to pick just oneI am Blessed; Love on Top
VacationHawaiiAnywhere hot
TV ShowSports; Super hero moviesThis is Us; Court shows
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Family always comes first! Lovie is the extraordinary Mama host for holidays, play dates, and just-because-we-wanna-see-you parties. She loves to create, whether it's writing, cooking, painting, quilting, a yoga class to empower others for more self-care and love, or anything DIY, she's on it!

For Daimian, fun is always in season! He is a laid-back, hands-on dad who loves hanging out to watch movies, go outside for basketball, corn hole, or golf. He shares lots of life lessons with a sense of humor and always keeps us laughing. He lives out the motto, seize the day! More than anything, we love hanging out doing whatever our twin 6 year old boys want to do!! As a family we like to walk in our neighborhood, play in our big back yard, ride bikes in our family-friendly downtown, or hang out with Grandma.

Our Faith

Our faith in God sustains us. We believe God is love and we seek to live that first within our family. All 4 of us are known for having huge smiles and lots of quality friendships because we show the love of God to everyone we meet. We believe the Creator made everyone with purpose and everyone is valuable and worthy of love and respect.

Our Musical Interest

Music makes us move! Our boys are always singing because we always have some type of music playing. We enjoy most music genres, including soulful gospel like Kirk Franklin, hip-hop, R&B, and rock. It only takes a single music note to get us all on our feet dancing! Magnus and Justus have a great time taking piano and drumming lessons.

About Our Home

We have a large 2-story, 4-bedroom home with a great big backyard with lots of space to run, kid-sized toys, driver cars, a swing set, basketball hoop, patio, and plenty of space for fun with sidewalk chalk. Inside our large yet cozy home are plenty of areas for family fun, an office and desks for work and school work to get done. We have a huge play room (already fitted with some baby girl toys...with more to come:)). Best of all is a baby room all ready for our princess--designed by us, for her, with love.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to three months old





Sibling Group


In Closing

We are grateful that you stopped here to learn a little about us. We are ready to love and provide your baby with the best in life. We’d love to learn about you, your hopes and dreams for your baby girl, and with God, make those dreams come true. We have you in our prayers! We are open to sharing pictures, communication, and visits if you’re comfortable.

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