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A Letter from Seth & Mary

We look forward to sharing our love with our first child. We are a loving active couple who spends a lot of time outdoors, whether that’s hiking in the mountains, going to the ocean, or spending the day working in our garden. We are excited to embark on this journey together with you, building a relationship over the many years to come if you so desire.

About Us

We have been inseparable ever since we met in 2005. We were married and moved into our first home together in 2010 after Mary graduated from college; we still live in the same house. We share our house with our dog and two cats. Our mutual love for the outdoors has led us to explore some of the more wild areas of California, enjoying both backpacking and car camping along the way.

We try to live a simple, family-centered life in which we focus on slowing down and spending quality time together. We are Orthodox Christian, and very active in our parish. We are excited to raise your child in faith and help them to walk the path that God has for them. We also look forward to sharing our love of the great outdoors and the ocean with your child as they grow.

About Seth

I feel so incredibly blessed to have Seth as a husband! He goes above and beyond in taking care of our home and family. He always shows me patience and support through the ups and downs. Seth is a handyman and I am impressed with how he can tackle a project with ease. He enjoys working in the gardens around our home, hiking in the mountains, and reading a good book while drinking a cup of coffee. I love to watch Seth play with our nieces and nephews as they build Legos or do small woodworking projects. He always finds a way for the kids to think outside the box and learn when playing with them. I am excited to see him step into the role of fatherhood; he is going to be such a dedicated, caring and thoughtful dad!

About Mary

Mary has the kindest, sweetest heart of anyone I know. I have been blessed to call her my wife and am continually amazed at her unceasingly good heart and character. Mary is gifted with anything arts and crafts related. She does watercolor painting, embroidery, and makes greeting cards by hand. She also enjoys tending the vegetable garden, which provides us with food year around. Children are naturally drawn to her and she always seems to knows what to do to make them smile. Mary’s compassion and strong work ethic will make her a wonderful mother. I know she will put her full energy into raising your child and provide them with so much love and support.

Our Home in California

Our home is a cozy three bedroom and two bathroom bungalow. Since buying our home we have knocked down a wall and created a more family-friendly open floor plan that we love. Our backyard is filled with an abundant vegetable garden and we have an apple tree growing and other fruit trees planned. Our front yard is full of flowers all summer long. We have already turned one of the bedrooms into a nursery for your child.

Our Family

We have a large supportive family living both near and far who are all thrilled for our adoption. We often get together weekly with our extended family including some of our 11 nieces and nephews whom we love to see grow. Some family traditions we look forward to sharing with your child include a yearly trip to the beach, a spring camping trip somewhere on the west coast, and a joyous Easter celebration with our church in the middle of the night.

Our Promise

We promise to raise your child in a loving Christian home. We will support them through all of their endeavors. We value education and plan on homeschooling to ensure they get the best education we can provide from the earliest of years.

We look forward to bedtime stories, puzzles, games, running through the mountains, fishing, baking, and gardening with your child. We will teach them to love creation and look at it with wonder and awe.

Your child will grow up knowing how much you love them. We promise to maintain contact with you as much as you are comfortable with. And, most of all, we promise to love and support you through this journey.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Seth & Mary

  Seth Mary
Our EducationBachelors Degree: Intercultural StudiesBachelors Degree: Health Science
Our ProfessionsForestry Technician/ FirefighterHomemaker
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Seth & Mary's Favorites
HobbyWorking on the house or gardenWater coloring or embroidery
Outdoor GetawayAny of our numerous local mountain lakesFinding a new lake to swim in
HolidayPASCHA!! (Easter)Pascha
Board GameScytheClue
BookThe Brothers KaramazovHarry Potter
Children's BookWhinnie the PoohAny Dr. Seuss
On a rainy dayA large jigsaw puzzleTea and a good Disney movie
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both have a huge love for the outdoors. When time is available, we love to hike, camp, swim, and run outside. We also enjoy working on our house and making it our home. In our backyard, we have a large vegetable garden that we eat from during the summer and preserve in a canner for the winter. We have one apple tree planted with future plans of adding a peach tree and possibly others. We see value in taking what has been given to us by God and making it beautiful. We also enjoy spending time with friends and family, which happens at least once a week.

Our Faith

We are Orthodox Christian. We are very active in our parish and attend as many services as we are able, meaning we are there on the weekends as well as there quite often during the week. We both sing in the choir, Mary helps lead Matins (an early morning service), and Seth is a bell ringer. In Orthodoxy the home is considered a "little church" and we aim to have ours be so.

Our Musical Interest

We both love to listen to many types of music. Quiet afternoons at home is usually spent listening to classical music. During housework, projects or cooking we love to listen to folk music with country roots and harmonized vocals. Artists like Ben Howard, Shovels & Rope, The Oh Hellos are a few of our many go to's! Driving to church we love to listen to Orthodox chants, prayers, and music by Monasteries.

About Our Home

Our home has some neat family history. Mary’s great grandparents initially purchased it in the 1940’s, when her grandfather was in high school. The story goes that he came home from school one day to find that his parents had packed up and moved across town, he eventually found out where they had moved to and made his way to the new house and life went on. Things were different in those days…

We have done a lot of remodeling on the house to make it our own. Three bedrooms make it perfect for our future family! A lot of time is spent in the kitchen where we enjoy baking fresh bread for the week and cookies and sweets for treats. We also enjoy home cooking from scratch.

We live in the state of...

California - We are surrounded by beautiful mountains filled with secluded lakes. We are also only a few hours drive from the ocean where we like to run away to a few times each year.

Our Neighborhood

Our home is located on the edge of town with stunning mountain views. We love that we are only a mile away from Seth's brother and his family. We spend a lot of time together having baking days, family dinners, and playtime with the kids. We have a large park across the street and a school with a large playground a block away. Our street is quiet and perfect for future bike rides and evening walks.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 3 months


Yes! Mary has an identical twin!



Ethnicity of ChildOpen to any race
Future Contact with Birth Family

We look forward to staying in contact and building a relationship with you as to your comfort level. We are open to visits, photos, and emails.

In Closing

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us! We are so excited to share our love with you and your child as we grow our family. We promise to be active and involved parents who will take the time to nurture your child. We will seek every opportunity to teach and support your child as they grow into the unique person that they are. Your child will grow up surrounded by a large and loving extended family with many aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, and friends. Most importantly, your child will grow up in a loving Christian home where the love of Christ is lived and taught. We look forward to building a relationship with you as you feel comfortable.

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