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Telling family and friends about your adoption plan for your babyThe idea of sharing that you are pregnant and considering adoption can be a scary thing. You don’t have to tell anyone (except your baby’s birth father) if you don’t want to. All of the services offered to you are confidential. Take your time to decide whether you are going to share this important news with your family and friends. Ask yourself if it will benefit you in the long run by revealing your news.

The birth father will most likely have to be contacted regarding your pregnancy. It is always easier if the birth father signs a waiver agreeing to the adoption. Your adoption professional will work with an adoption attorney to determine if his rights can be terminated. The attorney can inform the birth father of the pregnancy and let him know of his options.

What about your friends? Do you feel that they will be supporting and non-judgmental? You should be prepared that they might not respond in the way you expect. Some might be happy for you and encourage you to raise the baby on your own. Remember, your friends will not be with you every moment. The expense and hard work of parenting would fall squarely on your shoulders. Make sure that whatever decision you make is not swayed by the opinions of others. Keep those friends close that are loving and supportive (whatever your decision).

If you choose to share this news with your parents, it is better to share early on in the process. Once you have decided on a plan for your future, sit down with them and calmly discuss your situation. Let them know you have come up with a plan. Ask them for emotional support and understanding. If they react with anger, give them time and space to digest the information. This news is likely to be shocking for them. A soft and respectful voice will go a long way to smoothing over ragged emotions.

Do remember that sharing with family at the last minute (like at the hospital when you have just had a baby) can be a very dramatic and intense experience. Many women find this just adds to their emotions and created additional problems. Including family saying they will help with the baby only to find that once home the offered support is missing. Be cautious before picking up the phone to share that you have had a baby with family and friends that have not known about your pregnancy along. For those loved ones you allow into your confidence, let them uphold you and support you with your adoption choice.

Don’t feel that you are in this alone! Your adoption coordinator will be there to support you every step of the way. They can provide guidance or just a sympathetic ear. Adoption is a loving choice; surround yourself with people who can support adoption for your baby.