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A Letter from Austin & Sarah

We are so excited to become parents and welcome a child of any race into our family. We love to experience many different kinds of activities from working in our family communal garden to traveling to all of the different beautiful places in the world. As a Catholic family, we are always working to grow in our faith and we both highly value education. We believe in helping a child grow in the ways that fit them and their personality to help them fulfill their vocations in life. We are excited to begin the next chapter of our life!

Getting to Know Us

We have been together for thirteen years and have grown closer every day. We are family oriented and love to spend time with our families, and pets. We have many hobbies yet our passion for traveling, helping animals, and our frequent visits to the family’s lake cottage are our favorites. We attended the same University and love going back to campus especially if we are able to attend a football game. We put value into morals, music, hard work, dedication, and compassion. We are excited to share our values and hobbies with your child.

Meet My Husband, Austin

Austin is calm, easy going, reliable, hardworking, and would do anything for anyone. He spends his time volunteering and tutoring students that are struggling in different subjects. He loves to teach math and is extremely patient with his students. Austin enjoys jet skiing, canoeing, and being out on the water. He is passionate about cooking and trying different dishes from abroad. He is looking forward to reading with our children before bed, looking up at the night sky next to a campfire, and talking about all of the wonders of the world.

Meet My Wife, Sarah

Sarah is the most caring and compassionate woman I know. She is always trying to be better and strives to help everyone to be the best version of themselves. She is a very good listener and genuinely cares about everyone she meets. She is always there for me and I know she will be there for our children. Sarah’s main hobbies are gardening and arranging flowers. She has a love for animals, going to the zoo, and helping out at humane shelter fundraisers. She is looking forward to sharing her passions with our child and seeing them get involved in gardening, crafts and so much more.

Our Home in Indiana

We live in a refurbished farmhouse that is located just outside the city limits. Our house is surrounded by mature trees of all varieties and even some apple and pear trees for picking on those beautiful Indiana fall days. Our home has a lot of room for playing, making tree forts, catching lightening bugs and many other outdoor activities. Being close to the city we are able to have the peaceful country life and able to expose our children to the hustle and bustle of the city. We love how active our small community is and it’s accessibility to a variety of different opportunities.

Our Faith and Family

We are a Catholic family and enjoy our community of friends and family. We love getting together at Church events as well as for cookouts, holidays and so many more. We enjoy being active within the Church and strive to become pillars of the Church and its community. We usually go to Mass Sunday morning with Sarah’s family. After Mass, we go to Sarah’s parents’ house and have brunch with her Dad and two sisters’. We spend a lot of time with our extended families going to sporting events, playing pickleball in the evenings, going to festivals and the lake, and having dinner with them at least once a week. We are close to our families and they are thrilled for our adoption! They are excited to include our child in all the family fun.

Our Promise

We promise that your child will know how loved they are every day. We will read to them before bed and tuck them in saying, “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.” We will help them and support them through life. We will teach them all that we know about faith, hard work, compassion, and being the best you can be. Most importantly, we promise to be the best we can be for your children and help them to develop into the outstanding people they are meant to be.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Austin & Sarah

  Austin Sarah
Our EducationBachelor's DegreeSome College
Our ProfessionsActuaryFlorist and Flower Farmer
Our Racial BackgroundWhite-CaucasianWhite-Caucasian
Some of Austin & Sarah's Favorites
Food ItemPizzaIce Cream
Vacation DestinationKauai, HawaiiBar Harbor, Maine
AnimalWhale Shark Giraffe
Summer/Spring ActivityCanoeingGoing to the Zoo
Fall ActivityS'mores and Campfires Apple and Pumpkin Picking
More About Our Family
Our Traditions

Family is very important to the both of us and we have many special family traditions in our lives. During the Spring, you can find us decorating eggs for Easter. For Halloween, our family is trying to carve masterpieces into the side of pumpkins to show off to the local neighbor kids. Many of our favorite family traditions are found during Christmas season. We do so much during this season with our extended families. Christmas is a huge deal for both of our families and we spend evenings wrapping gifts, shopping, decorating, eating, singing, and creating mountains of memories. It all starts with putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving; we all get together and decorate the trees all while watching Christmas movies. Then there is all of the Holiday baking where we make a different Christmas treat each week. Every Christmas Eve we attend midnight mass and open one of our gifts, usually Christmas pajamas. The Holidays are truly special times in our family and we are excited to share these traditions and pass them down to our future children.

Our Hobbies

We have quite a variety of different hobbies between the two of us. We both absolutely love being outdoors and look forward to the different seasons and the variety of experiences each season has to offer. In the summer, we enjoy going to the Farmer's Market. One day, Sarah would love to have her own booth and take our entire family to the Farmer’s Market to sell flowers that they picked the night before from our garden. We love the different booths and enjoy supporting our local shops and farms. Austin loves canoeing, jet skiing, and doing just about anything on the water. We both love the lake and spend a great deal of time during the summer at our family’s lake cottage. Sarah loves finding old furniture and adding a coat of paint to transform it into a gem that tells a story. We both love gardening and trying our hand at new vegetables and are hoping to have a small farm of our own someday. We are looking forward to taking our kids one day and getting chickens and maybe a goat to add to our farm. We love to experience all aspects of life and are up for trying almost anything.

Our Pets

Currently, we have two Bernese Mountain dogs and two playful cats. With this many animals, there is never a dull moment around the house. Our dogs are extremely loving and are always excited to meet new people.

How did we meet?

We were both in the high school marching band and had a few classes together in our first year of high school. We dated the rest of our high school years and were even nominated for the cutest couple in our senior year. We were together for seven years before tying the knot and will be married five years in August.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

newborn to four years old


We would be thrilled to accept twins into our family.


We would love to welcome either a boy or girl.

Sibling Group

We are open to a sibling group of two children with the oldest being up to 4 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildAny ethnicity
Future Contact with Birth FamilyWe would love to send pictures, artwork, accomplishments, videos, and are open to visits as well.
In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are excited to share our passions, hobbies, skills, love, and experiences with your child. We promise to help them grow and become the best version of themselves. We are open to visits and would love to send artwork, updates, and pictures to you. We are looking forward to meeting with you and developing a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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